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Some common sense. Look at previous vehicles tracks entering or exiting the water, you can learn a lot from those. Did they enter or exit guns blazing or can you make out the patterns, which means good traction and low speed. You can also mostly determine or confirm your entry and exit points. If there is no tracks, better check the water level properly or avoid it completely as the locals usually don't drive there for a good reason.

Slightly off topic, but many years ago we drove the front wheels into a "dam", reversed out and around the dam and did the same on the opposite side.

Looked like a gentle entry and thru the dam out the other side track
Knowing full well the dam was actually deep and muddy

Lo and behold a friend in a Hilux came charging thru thinking it was safe to do

had a good chuckle when he started swimming before submerging.

(No animals or people or vehicles were hurt in this)