Hi Everyone,

My name is Corbyn, but I go by BarnacleBOY007 (a mixture of Spongebob and James Bond - difficult one to explain, but in my younger days when I played a lot of online pc games, that was my online handle).

I have been lurking on the forum for some time now, mostly getting ideas of what to do to vehicles, and also looking up advice on what vehicle to buy. I owned a 2015 Toyota Hilux 2.5D-4D. I absolutely loved that vehicle, the best one I've owned to date. However, due to a change of circumstances, I had to let her go. The idea was to do as much camping with her as possible, but that just didn't workout unfortunately. We managed a one week camping trip into the Berg (Injisuthi), and then said goodbye.

The idea was to buy an older, smaller 4x4 vehicle which I could buy with cash and use for the camping trips, but also fix-up a little in the way I would like it to be. I had the idea you could find a smaller vehicle like that for about R80k-R100k or even less - boy was I wrong! I've been searching high and low, and while there are some smaller 4x4's in that price bracket, they are more than just a project car, they look like lemons.

In my searches though, I came across the Toyota Prado SWB, and the Pajero SWB. They seemed like the perfect vehicle for us (except the worry of the diesel pump + injectors on the Pajero). But can you believe it, you cannot find one at a decent price. And the more I looked at the Prado, the more I fell in love with the SWB model - and I lost out to one recently, which I'm still sad about.

However, not all is lost, the search will continue! I will be looking everywhere I can (JHB and Durban, since I live in Durban and I have family in JHB that can look at vehicles for me). Maybe one day I will be starting my own thread on how I worked on my vehicle build!