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    Default From kosi bay to catembe

    Hi i would like to know if any one has travlledform kosi bay border to catembe on the sand road and cought the car ferry across to maputo

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    There is no other way but the dirt track/road. Depending on the season, leave plenty time to negotiate mud holes, mini lakes, or if the road has begun to dry, deep ruts. It is a relatively time consuming drive either way due to the nature of the road. Plan a full day, and be grateful for any extra time you make up. Remember also that the speed limit in/near villages is 25 km/h, and is enforced. The penalties are harsh, and payable immediately. The ferry is chaotic, no time table, first come - first served: if nobody pushes in. Also be careful of the price you pay: they will tel you it is R100, but the receipt says R 45. The trick is that when you walk into the pay-office, two or three other guys walk in, push their way to the front, then hand over R100 notes. You think that is the price, and pay: fortunately, we were warned....And it also goes without saying that you simply do not travel this route in anything but good daylight. We took an excursion to Ponta Milibangala, well worth the trip. But the 42km took two hours! And you will get your vehicle scratched, your skill determines how badly. You can take a trailer (the campers do), but it really is not advised. Some turns are three point turns, not fun if you have a trailer in that deep sand. But the view is rewarding. Entrance to the Elephant Park is outrageously expensive, but if you have the time you can also travel to Santa Maria. But then plan two to three days.

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    gee is it really that bad ... when last did u go ...
    i heard its 117 km from the boader to catembe ... and its andventure ..
    well u made me think again lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcoavo View Post
    gee is it really that bad ... when last did u go ...
    i heard its 117 km from the boader to catembe ... and its andventure ..
    well u made me think again lol
    I did this run in the end of January from Maputo to Kosibay. The ferry is okay, a bit rusty but no problem. The road 117 KM to SA took four and a half hours. The road was in really in bad shape with a great deal of water. 8)

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    ok cool
    any other info would be great
    is it better to go that way or to got around threw swazi (how long is that way ) ....
    howlong did the ferry take .. u think a 2x4 would make it . with help of a 4x4

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    Going through Swazi quicker and easier, but not as much fun. Good tar (80kph) all the way.
    From Golela in RSA to Goba in Moz is 2.5 hours, including both borders. Goba to Maputo (if you really want to go there!) is an hour. Road Tax in Swazi is R50 per vehicle.
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    Kosi to Catembe - the locals do this route with only an old 4x2 bakkie loaded to the gills

    We regulary drag a boat +/- 4.3 meters long to Ponta Millibangala and have never had to do 3 point turns or unhitch the trailer.
    You must get good routes[GPS] from someome who knows the area and has plotted their route.

    Ferry runs every hour and it is good to ask some of the locals at Bela Vista if the ferry is running as there was time that it was out of comission.

    Road from Bela Vista to Catembe has just been graded ([email protected]/06/2009) and they are in the process of doing better drainage off the road.
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    The trip to Maputu Elephant Reserve is worth it. Expensive yes, but one of the most unspoilt areas in Southern Africa. You have to go there before going to Maputu. Please use your safty belts. THey will spot fine you just to extort money from you. EG. Get out of your vehicle, inspect the pothole/waterhole, get into your vehicle, close the door and drive - thatsit -the traffic officer stops you and say - no safty belt. Even though you can't drive more than 5km/hour due to the bad road. Be warned! I know all about it and R 500.00 later. PS: Dont let them take hold of your drivers license card at all times, you will battle to get it back. If you have your old card use it!!!!

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