Good afternoon!
We tend to make use of 4x4 only if and when the necessity of the terrain demands it...which in our case is quite often!
We would like to (with fuel prices, accommodation prices ext) try to do more camping/trail type holidays from now on. The pitfall is what to pay, and what to expect!
I have looked at many trail operators' websites and the cost varies a lot.
1. What is the average price to pay for a nature experience and a decent 4x4 trail?
2. What do I expect in a camping site near a trail?
3. Is wild camping (camping without any amenities) an option? (Wife and two daughters, bush savvy)
4. We are in it for the nature experience but would LOVE to camp where lion, buff and hyena roam. Are there any such campsites in South Africa? my research tells me that all the reserves that have big animals tend to focus on big-money international tourists.

Thank you for your thoughts and help!