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    Default Re: Epic East Africa Trip 2022

    Quote Originally Posted by CalDriver View Post
    That is correct, all foreign vehicles require a Foreign Vehicle Permit, regardless of carnet. Essentially a road tax. Default is that these are issued for 2 weeks and must be renewed. We asked and they allowed us to get one for 30 days for $42 dollars. They told us this needs to be renewed in Nairobi, but you can renew it at some (but not all) other KRA offices around the country.

    We made a tenuous deal with Jamez, who runs one of those small shacks by the border with a printer and a computer. He processes paperwork for trucks and other cross border stuff. He gave us his number, took our information told us to WhatsApp him a couple days before our month was up. We did, and he renewed the FVP for us (which he can do at the border, he has access to the system somehow. A cargo agent maybe?) and we paid him via Mpesa. This meant we didn't have to brave the offices in Nairobi, no build our whole itinerary around being in Nairobi at the end of our initial 30 days.
    OK thanks, now clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wazungu Wawili View Post
    I think it was the Foreign Vehicle Permit which is in addition to the CdP. Please see this (which I think is still valid)

    Webster is currently in Kenya and they said they breezed through Oloitokitok (the same border as Southerndreams used). Perhaps Webster will be able to confirm what paperwork they needed for Kenya?
    Sorry only seeing this now. We passed through Oloitokitok and were only asked for the carnet. No other fees were paid. I asked specifically about the Foreign Vehicle Permit having made a note of this after reading Caldrivers blog, and was told that it was only needed if you don’t have a Carnet. So who knows? We have been stopped twice on the road and asked for vehicle papers and officials accepted carnet without asking for anything else. But I guess we will only know for sure when we leave …..
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