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    Default Road conditions to Ponta do Oura and around the area

    Hi All

    We are planning to go to Ponta do Oura in December 2021.
    I am aware that the road to ponta is now tarred, so you should be able to reach the market with a citi golf...

    We are still busy finalizing accommodation, but it looks like we might be staying at Gala-Gala.
    We've been to Gala-Gala years ago... Not sure what its like these days....

    Anyone know what the road conditions are to Gala-Gala? will I be able to take a trailer/caravan on that road?

    How is Ponta these days? Last time we were there was 2015....
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    Default Re: Road conditions to Ponta do Oura and around the area

    The road is tarred up to the post office. The garage and market is hard surface. Towards Malongane its deep sand and road conditions change constantly. To Gala side I dont know. But sand for sure. To make you sleep better. When Moz opened its borders after the war I went to Malongane with a 1400 Nissan and a Venter trailer with 10 inch wheels. Got stuck only once in 15km. So if you do have a small trailer the wheels must be at least 14's the small ones does not turn in loose sand. A big trailer, let down tyre pressures on car and trailer. The best tool to have with you is a skottel skaar, I bolt in the middle and 4 holes and shackles on the edge. When you get stuck , jockey wheel on the skaar unhook pull forward, fasten trailer to skottel with chains and a long tow strap and you home free in 15min. You must remember the locals dont have 4x4's only a few. Taxis drive everywhere. Must have, spade, pump,tow strap or two, chains and shackles,the skaar,jack plate for jack on the sand. I always have a block of wood also, misuse in many ways. Maybe you must get you a Defender no worries.
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    Default Re: Road conditions to Ponta do Oura and around the area

    When I was there in April, road is tarred up to Fernandos, basically village entrance.

    Towards GalaGala/Phambuka, it is soft sand so you will not be taking your Golf all the way through, let alone with a trailer. But rather contact Mandy at the resort and ask her if anything has changed since.

    Ponta itself has, in my opinion, gone down with the road being tarred, the entire rustic vibe has been lost, they have shut down the street markets and keep in mind, the beaches currently in Ponta do Ouro are closed until further notice.
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