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    Default Liquid Engineering??

    I am not a great fan of additives and snake oils to "fix " problems, preferring always to just " Maak die foken ding odentlik reg". BUT my H151 gearbox which was already 250K old when I put it in my Hzzz76 wagon. All I did was take the covers off and check that nothing was broken and then filled up with straight mineral Castrol 70/80 gl4 oil. It has worked well, but plauged with the well documented notchy shifts in fist and second and a right old bitch when cold. Well R600 worth of fully synthetic Castrol Syntrans 75W 90 GL4, and it's sorted. Lovely shifts and much quieter when ideling. ( these boxes have a mild hum which goes away when you put the clutch in) and that's all but gone now.

    And then my son pointed out a bit more Klackedy klack from the injectors (indirect HZ engine) than I normally get. He was right, it normally quitens down when warmed up but had become a bit more noisy for a bit longer. A bottle of Liqui Moly Diesel Purge (R225 from Goldenwagon) was recommended used in " remiedial" mode. Here you feed it straight into the injector pump and collect the backflow into the same container via an inline filter. A nice clear glass bottle is good so you can see any " groen mannetjies". Well, I ran it like this until I had just about 250mm left . It just ran normally, no smoke , no crap coming out of the back flow piping. I let it stand like this overnight and still got no smoke or crud circulating when I started her up in the morning. I poured the remaining fluid into the tank and reconnected the fuelines and it is a hell of a lot quieter, and has remained so after a week of early morning ( cold) starts.
    So, this old dog has had to softend his views on liquid engineering a bit.
    What are a your stories and thoughts on the subject


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    Default Re: Liquid Engineering??

    I love Syntrans. Awesome oil.
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    Default Re: Liquid Engineering??

    I like to put wynns diesel injector cleaner once every few tanks in my bakkie.

    I can however say, DONT EVER use blue devil headgasket sealer on a diesel vehicle, or any other vehicle for that matter.

    Dont ask me how I know this
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    Default Re: Liquid Engineering??

    My first car was a diesel golf. Little normally aspirated 1500cc.

    Whenever I visited an Uncle he allowed me to fill up from 20l drums full of diesel he had standing in his garage. One day I had poured about a liter into the tank before I noticed this stuff was not flowing like diesel. Turned out I had been pouring SAE 30 oil into the tank.

    Uncle who was a mechanic smiled and said not to worry, it won't cause any problems. On that particular tank of fuel I got the best fuel consumption that I ever recorded on that car.

    This uncle also believed in Bahrdal, always poured a can in when changing the oil on his cars. All his cars went on to immense kilos without ever having a problem (he also had a diesel golf and a 2.5 Isuzu diesel).

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    Default Re: Liquid Engineering??

    Me Dad also believed in Bardahl. Never had a car break on him.


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