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    Hi all, I do a fair amount of driving on dirt road and around these parts side wall punctures are a common accurrance I use to fit Cooper St max tyres with the tyre warrenty.

    Cooper changed their warrenty policy I think I was the main contributer to this happening as I had 5 claims in the last 18months.

    I have subsequently removed my basically new coopers and fitted it to one of the work bakkies that mostly travels on tarmak and on my bakkie fitted a set of Gripmax tyres.

    I have no idea what sort of milage I will get out of them but they have an aggressive side wall protection which I need around here.
    Has anyone else used these tyres I would like to know what they are like in the wet.

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    Hi Rider,

    I fitted these tyres to our Ranger 3.2 after being very disappointed in the BFG KO2 performance on wet tar roads. They definitely perform better on the tar and have found them as good off-road We have just done a Khawi ,Savuti trip and had no problems with them , I hit a tree stump quiet badly and the side wall protectors were slightly scuffed. They also deflate well for sand , we had them at 1.8 with no problems.
    We have done over 30 000kms including 2 trips to Bots and 2 to Kalagadi and have more than half the original tread remaining
    I have used BFG for the last 25 years varying between the muds at AT, and find that this tyre can compete with peers.

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    I also fitted them to my amarok. Havent done a lot maybe 2000km and a bit of gravel not much yet.

    My tire guy also suggest them above bf and they have 3 ply sidewall and he quarantee me 100 000km so.lets see. If i can get 80000 i wil be happy. 50 50 of gravel.and tar driving.

    That are heavier and because 3 ply the drive a bit harder but also havent test then in the wet yet. Does have a bit more road noise then my scorpions i had on.

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