hi all. i have isuzu KB5 2007 model.

i have always noticed, after going through water, the rear brakes bind up a bit, but after about 1 km it comes right again. i assume its the rapid cooling of the drums and didnt worry much because its sorted after a very short amount of driving.

about 2 weeks back, i got stuck in some deep water and mud, gave it a bit of right foot to try get out but wasnt able to. but after that there was that distinct brake smell. i got pulled out but i immediated noticed the handbrake was taking very high. drove for a bit but it stayed like that.

a few days later i took it in and when the drums were removed, there was basically no more lining on the trailing edges of the brake shoes. the leading dges had about 4mm still.

so i got the shoes relined, drums skimmed, the guys set the brakes. after about 6kms i could already feel the brakes dragging. i figured they needed to bed in so i continued home (about 8kms from the shop)

when i got home, both drums were too hot to touch.

the next day i drove back to the shop (8km), the drums were already hot, and they adjusted the brakes again.

the day after that i needed to drive to rawsonville (+-120kms). after about 30kms on the highway i had to stop and adjust the handbrake down because i could smell the brakes burning and i could barely do 100km/hr.

so under normal driving, the brakes feel fine but my handbrake is not very effective. i spoke to the guys at the brake shop, and i was there when they inspected the brakes, mechanically everything seems fine so they are a bit stumped. im hoping someone on the forum can guide me to the way forward.