I am in the market for a secondhand rooftop tent, but, I have a very specific one in mind and they are quite scarce hence asking here if anyone has one gathering dust.

I am looking for an EEZI-AWN T-Top Xklusiv 1.4m tent, the newer design with the kink in the overhang roof (see below) with an add-a-room.

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There are a lot of howling moon tents available on the secondhand market and sometimes at seriously good prices. I tried the Howling Moon Tourer but when folded it is quite a bit higher than the EEZI-AWN which then means my car doesn't fit in under my carport with the tent on top. I use a pulley system underneath the carport to install and remove my tent. That and having gotten used to the EEZI-AWN design (we currently have the Series 3) we just prefer it over the others.

I almost got one, but when inspecting it I found quite a few longish tears in the canvas of the tent and just decided at the price point I was not keen for the schlep of having to book it in and paying another +/-R2k to have it properly fixed. I did find out about fixing it first and it takes removing the entire tent from the base in order to properly repair the canvas. Seeing how scarce they are, maybe it was a bad decision, but oh well.

Those of you that has them and don't want to sell yours, I assume you like them, are they holding up well? Any issues or advise regarding the specific tent, things I should look for when inspecting secondhand ones?