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    Default Luderitz Namibia: Kolmanskop, Elizabeth Bay & Diaz Point | Road Trip 2021

    The Namibia Road Trip 2021 continues to Lüderitz. We travelled north, passing the iconic Canon Roadhouse, completely deserted, thanks to "you know what". Then stopping briefly at the quirky Seeheim Hotel. From there we turned west through Aus, spent some time watching the wild horses of the Namib desert at Garub and then continued through the bleak desert landscape to Luderitz.

    Luderitz is quite a bustling town, once a wealthy diamond mining centre, it's now mostly reliant on fishing and tourism. Kolmanskop Ghost Diamond mining town is a place that's maybe unique in the world. Between 1908, when the first diamond was discovered there, until the late 1920's it was a very wealthy town, with electricity before many cities in Europe, a theatre where acts from Europe would perform, a fully equipped hospital and some luxurious mansions. It's all been left for the desert to reclaim though, once the diamonds ran out, everybody left and the town was abandoned.

    Elizabeth Bay, on the coast about 30km south of Kolmanskop, lasted an even shorter time. It's a more industrial "decay" experience, with massive processing plants, tunnels and railway network. Rusting machinery and collapsed buildings tell of a past where greed ruled the day (pretty much like it does nowadays).

    Also worth a visit is Diaz Point, where the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias landed in July 1488. He named the bay Angra Pequena and erected a padrão (stone cross) on the southern peninsula. It's a bleak, windswept place, and you can see why he didn't hang around, but nevertheless it's oozing history and character.

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