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    Default TRIP REPORT - Kenya - 23 days - Maasai Mara/Triangle, Tsavo East/West & Amboseli

    DAY 1&2
    So... the adventure begins!

    After 8,5h of flying in a half-empty plane, we set foot on African soil. Ready for 23 days full of wildlife, scenery, Maasai, friendly Kenyans, and much more..

    We start our journey at the airfield where 4x4-Kenya was waiting for us with their Landrover Defender 110 with rooftop tent. After the paperwork, we left the airport for our first stopover, Greenspoon, the online supermarket for meat, fruits, veggies, and beers/wines. I pre-ordered the meat online and scheduled a pick up from their warehouse. They also have a delivery service, so if you stay in Nairobi for a night, it can be delivered at your hotel/Airbnb/campsite.

    The warehouse is located in Kikuyu so our first off-road experience didn’t have to wait long, although the Southern bypass currently has some nice gravel parts as well.

    After our pickup, Narok was our next destination, Naivas Narok. When we arrived in Narok, we noticed one of the back doors wouldn’t lock. After contacting 4x4-Kenya, they told us they would send their mechanic right away. While we were at Naivas, we met up with 3 guys self-driving, also in a Defender. Of course, they were Dutch as well. We exchanged some tips and did some groceries shopping. After the shopping, we went to Malabi Mara Hotel. Nice located outside the city with no barking dogs/donkeys and other African town noise. The mechanic came and fixed the issues on the spot, so we could leave Narok at first light in the morning.

    We drove from Narok to Sekenani Gate in about 1,5-2h. During the drive, you could see more and more Maasai shukas so we were getting close to our destination.
    After arriving at Sekenani Gate, we also found the other Dutch Defender. They got soaked last night on the campsite of Oldarpoi (Sekenani), so we were happy we opted for the nice and cozy Malabi Mara Hotel.

    So here we go... finally...Thé Maasai Mara. We got a transfer ticket to Purungat Bridge so we used the map to navigate in that direction. We went off and on the main road and eventually found two lazy male lions right next to the road. After speaking with some guides there we heard about a leopard with a cub which was seen. So we followed the guy and eventually found a cheetah snoozing next to a tree. It was about 10-15m from the road with cars around it. We looped by and moved on, hoping for a better cheetah sighting that was not offroad. We drove like 500m and there were a lot of cars around a ditch/dry river bed. We found out it was a mother leopard with a cub, but it was being harrassed quite badly by the vehicles that we immediately took off towards Purungat. Hopefully more quiet sightings in the Triangle....

    After checking in at the Triangle around 14:00h it was time for our drive towards Eluai. We just used the main road, nothing fancy. We drove up the hill and found the campsite. There were also 2 guys busy digging a long drop, so improvements? are on its way. The campsite itself was surrounded by small bushes so you didn't really have a good sightseeing spot. The way I imagined it, was a clear view from the hill. Quickly after our arrival, the Dutch Defender also arrived and a small bit later another Dutch couple arrived. We did a small recon drive from the campsite and after enduring some heavy rains it was time for a campfire, with Dutch company and some Tuskers and Amarula.... Meanwhile, we were being watched by a cheeky hyena and the local buffalos were hanging out in the bushes. There is a couple of rocks around the campsite which creates some sort of extra barrier for the bigger animals. Although the buffalo didn't care about us, probably locals so used to people.

    Tomorrow the real game drives can finally start.
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    Default Re: TRIP REPORT - Kenya - 23 days - Maasai Mara/Triangle, Tsavo East/West & Amboseli

    Thank you Dutchie, for this trip report. Looking forward for the following instalments, as I miss Kenya badly.
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    Default Re: TRIP REPORT - Kenya - 23 days - Maasai Mara/Triangle, Tsavo East/West & Amboseli

    Thank you Dutchie for this teaser! Looks like being on the queue it paid off!

    Really waiting for future installments.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: TRIP REPORT - Kenya - 23 days - Maasai Mara/Triangle, Tsavo East/West & Amboseli

    Asante sana, Dutchie!

    Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures in the lovely Kenya.

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    Default Re: TRIP REPORT - Kenya - 23 days - Maasai Mara/Triangle, Tsavo East/West & Amboseli

    Thanks for paying attention to our constant nagging Dutchie, can't wait for our turn to get to Kenya. Look forward to future installments.
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    Default Re: TRIP REPORT - Kenya - 23 days - Maasai Mara/Triangle, Tsavo East/West & Amboseli

    Hi Dutchie so far so good, waiting for the next episode and some photos, please.


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