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    Default Gen 4 Pajero Build Series

    I've been watching The Skid Factory's latest build series where Woody does some awesome stuff to his recently acquired "new" Pajero. They have a very laid back and just do it attitude which is awesome to watch. Thought some of you might enjoy it.

    The Skid Factory -

    Episode 1 - "Project drinking straw" -

    Basically Woody destroys the engine on the very first outing The reason - turns out he had a hole in the intercooler and while stuck in deep water slurpy stuff happened and he bent a rod, eish (Check your intercoolers Pajero owners).

    Episode 2 - "$1000 dollar fire damaged engine" -

    He puts in a new motor he bought on the cheap. The motor come from a fire damaged vehicle

    Episode 3 - "Fixing the Pajero's Achilles heel" -

    New intercooler and some other things. Then they take it for tuning. Makes 210hp (155kw) and 550nm at the wheels without doing anything crazy. So around 185kw and 700nm odd at the flywheel the uprated 4m41 common-rail is an incredible motor.

    Episode 4 - "Roof top tent and AGM batteries" -

    He kits it out for camping. These oaks just do and don't ask questions. He drills holes anywhere and everywhere, he cuts plastic, he fits some really nice accessories in some really great spots. I enjoyed this episode the most and it gave me some great ideas for kitting out my Paj. Having been stuck in deep water twice I learned that the rear seat stow area is not suited to electronics and I think he made a mistake there. Instead I will put a water bellow in there and keep the second battery stuff and compressors handy elsewhere.


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    Default Re: Gen 4 Pajero Build Series

    There you have it "The sensible man's Prado".


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