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    Default long range fuel tanks!

    Hi All

    I bought a Disco 1 and see that they have fitted long range fuel tanks on it.

    Now....I can see the pipes and pump and traced the cables thats going through the firewall........but how does it work

    Should there be a switch to pump the diesel to the main tank or does it do it automaticly


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    Default Re: long range fuel tanks!

    I have had 2 long range tanks in a 109 & a Disco 4

    The 109 allowed you to select which tank you wanted to draw fuel from. As only 1 tank had a fuel gauge and the overflow fuel want to the other tank, it was always interesting times!

    In the Disco 4, there was a PUMP. pump until you think the tank is empty as it also did not have a gauge......(I got to learn not to leave the pump on and what a pump sounds like where there is nothing left to pump)

    I have heard of tanks with gravity feed?

    Please let us know what you find?

    Best of luck


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    Default Re: long range fuel tanks!

    I have seen tanks on D1's mounted under the driver and front passenger floorboards and ones fitted into the space where the rearmost jumpseats are. The former uses pumps to pump the fuel back to the main tank and the ones fitted at the rear gravity feeds into the main tank. If memory serves me right with the tank at the rear you fill that tank as the primary tank and when it is full both main and spare tank will be full. I might be mistaken.

    Try Gerbers as they used to make tanks for the D1.

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    Default Re: long range fuel tanks!

    My Hilux has an 80 liter tank above the spare wheel. It is gravity fed to the main tank so you do close to 750km before the gauge starts to move.

    My 90 had a 40 liter tank under the drivers seat with a switch to pump across to the main. You heard the pump running dry when it was empty or you braked and the low fuel level ran to one side of the tank, not ideal as I burned out a few electric pumps. Filling was a pain too, two separate fillers with keys etc. Had bad airlocks too.

    The hilux has a t-piece in the filler pipe so both fill at the same time, proper air breathers too. Really nice system.

    I only fill both when travelling, day to day I just get the guy to chuck in 60 liters a time.
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    Default Re: long range fuel tanks!

    My d3 had an aux tank where the spare would have been kept, pump operated, also no gauge. Yes, you can hear the difference when it pumps dry.
    My d2 has rear mounted auxiliary tank that is gravity fed. No pump.
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