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    Default Peugeot BMX (+/- 45yrs old) restoration

    Ive got a Peogeot BMX that Im busy
    restoring ... not sure of extent and cost
    I should go to ...

    Its probly circa 45yrs old
    20 " wheels , 36 spoke ?)", with solid tyres
    Single 44 tooth front sprocket
    About 5 rear sprockets 16 tooth up
    Steel frame without ApeHanger bars
    ID no looks to be 600311

    Its very old and rusted ...
    Is it worth restoring in part or full
    or should it go to the dump ...
    Keep original or fit 'modernising parts ?
    Once restored to running order painted etc
    ... what price range is it worth
    or best donated to poor/needy ?
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    Default Re: Peugeot BMX (+/- 45yrs old) restoration

    The biggest question is about the rust. Have it sandblasted. If the frame is rusted through, you can chuck it.

    But it is a nice little project. I restored my first little bike some time ago - a BSA Junior, 20 inch. Had to purchase mud guards in the UK. Cost me more than what a new bike would have cost.

    But glad I did. First grand son is on his way, so he can use it 6 years from now...
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    Default Re: Peugeot BMX (+/- 45yrs old) restoration

    I have a friend that collects things for the Squatters around JHB pretoria. He is actively supported by Afriforum and they provide a bakkie and collection and also do a lot of bicycle fixing sort of stuff as they get quite a few bikes in.

    I am sure he would be very grateful for it in any form, pre or post restoration. It will go to a very under served minority if you consider that route. You are welcome to PM me for his details if you want.


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