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Thread: Brake shudder

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    Default Brake shudder

    Hi All

    I have a 2012
    Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 Di - Dc GLX A/T that has developed brake shudder for the second time in two years. I purchased the vehicle second had at 181k and for the next 20k, there was no shuddering.

    In May 2019 (201 781km) the vehicle had an issue with brake shudder, so they skimmed the discs twice, and the problem went away. Now two years later (214 144km), there is a bad shudder when I apply the brakes coming through the steering column. My shop says the discs can't be re-skimmed because they don't have any depth left to safely do so, so they put on new front discs and pads and the shudder was still there. They swopped back the old discs and the problem is exactly the same. I went with them on test to verify this and there is no improvement.

    I have read through number of threads here they say that new discs should be washed with detergent, should be skimmed in place, that it could be a calliper problem. The shop are mystified, and I am no mechanic, but understand the basics.

    Is there a sequential check list of things to check and fix that one can follow to try to eliminate the problem? Is there something they are missing?


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    Default Re: Brake shudder

    Good Afternoon

    My First check would be Wheel Bearings. Loose/worn wheel bearings can also create brake shudder.


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    Default Re: Brake shudder

    I would check all the steering linkages and suspension first. Also probably the steering rack. If you have eliminated any loose and worn parts and bushes, then come back to the brakes. You probably need to test everything with a pry bar to see if there is excessive wear as shaking it with your hand may not be enough.

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    Default Re: Brake shudder

    Also skimming is not alway perfect because of the skimming machine is attached to the car.

    Ideal way is removed from the car, and done in a lathe.

    If you have checked everything as per above posts, you probably have to chuck the discs.

    I have read good reports about Powerbrake, expensive but worth it.

    Otherwise its off to the dealership.....
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    Default Re: Brake shudder

    Brake disks are generally not too expensive, in many cases a set of decent pads cost more than a set of disks. I have always looked at disc skimming as a waste of time, and 9 times out of ten, the disks are totally written off a few months later anyway.

    however, unless you got a defective set of new discs (it happens), this seems te most likely be another problem. Start with checking wheel bearings, and then upper and lower control arm bushes, steering links etc for play. Most likely wheel bearings, as steering or suspension related play often manifests in other scenarios too, like bad road surfaces or sudden steering input, that can also create a wobble/shudder.

    good luck finding the issue. Check the new discs are smooth.

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    Default Re: Brake shudder

    Totally agree, I've never been a fan of skimming either brake discs or flywheels.

    I've always replaced brake discs and have never had the need to skim/replace a flywheel.
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    Default Brake shudder

    Brake servicing is quite easy and there is a YouTube video or 10 for virtually every vehicle out there showing how to service your cars brakes. Most vehicles follow the same principle. For people who donít do this personally, they will for sure have a good understanding of how to do it after watching a few videos.

    Skimming brakes should only be done once but it is a last resort. Replacing discs should always be a first option.

    In my opinion there are too many people who unknowingly skimp on quality brake pads and replacing discs. They go for the cheapest option putting their lives and their passengers lives at risk to save a buck.

    Replace the discs, use quality brake pads and donít skimp on the copper slip. Apply the copper slip correctly to ensure proper movement of the brake pads and pins in the caliper. Then bleed the brakes properly and correct the brake fluid level. Itís been proven method for years. Iím sure your problem will be sorted then.

    That is a brake service done properly and thereby getting a proper brake service that you are paying for and not a half job.

    Wheels that are not balanced properly can also cause vibration through the steering as you explained.

    These to me are the basics before starting to look deeper into suspension and steering components.
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