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    Default OM642 V6 Oil Cooler Seals

    My wife and I went walking to appreciate wildflowers during July last year, in a small town outside of Cape Town. She noticed brown-ish plasticky thingies in various places, discarded on the sidewalks and asked if I knew what these were. So I told her it were failed oil cooler seals on said Merc engines and there seemed to be quite a few in a town with less than 40k citizens.

    A gent was selling his lovely G350 which was fitted with a brand new engine from the factory; the original engine had run its big-end bearings. I also soon after learned of another instance.

    It may appear as if there's a latent defect and it seems fairly general knowledge in other markets that some of these otherwise superb engines start failing after around 300,000km.

    I owned sever Mercs that went well over half a million km, or even as much as 720,000, without any serious trouble, engines never opened up. I was looking at used G-wagens circa 2012/2013 as these were all below R800k, but now I fear a huge maintenance and repair bill. Just as well that funds are still tied up and a few ducks need to get into a row.

    Would a new / almost new MU-X not be a better buy? Please don't advise me to consider that other Jap Junk SAns so dearly love; it was blacklisted and banned from my yard long ago, for snapped half shafts, snapped camshafts, failed centre bearings, failed diffs and failed gearboxes, as well as broken con-rods and holes through engine blocks - followed by rather rude remarks by their factory rep at Auto Africa. Isuzu is know for reliability and overall economy yet a used G-wagen remains appetizing. But, are they any good as a cross-country back road tourer, not really as an off-roader, as overlanding after retirement is part of the plan.
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