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    Default Replacing rear brake/taillight bulbs with LEDs - Don't try it

    So I thought I would beef up my rear brake/taillights on my Land Cruiser 79 by replacing the standard bulb with an LED from 4x4Direct.

    I was very happy with the bright lights. Then a few days or so noticed that the dashboard ABS light was staying on but I did not connect this to the changed bulbs.

    When the vehicle was being serviced, I mentioned to the dealer that the ABS light was staying on. I also mentioned that I had recently changed the bulbs to LED. When they ran the diagnostics they told me the switch was faulty. And that the ABS light and the brake lights shared the same switch. I found out later that this switch that sits just below the pedal with a plunger that is depressed when the brake pedal is switched.

    They ordered a new switch. The ABS light didn't go out. Diagnostics said "replace switch". They removed the LED lights and replaced them with the standard lights. The ABS light went off.

    They now say the LED lights were drawing too much power. There is nothing on the 4x4Direct website about how much the replacement LED draws. But it has a number of LEDs, probably 12.

    Is this possible? Any ideas?

    I wrote a review for 4x4Direct about a week or more ago but they haven't put it up. That, in itself, is very disappointing as I wanted to point this out to other potential buyers so they avoid the hassles I had. I accept that some accessories just don't work in all applications and I have not asked for a refund of the 2 x R165 charge. I accept that bulbs cannot be returned, most probably.

    This is it:
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    Default Re: Replacing rear brake/taillight bulbs with LEDs - Don't try it

    I think it's just the opposite, see here:
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    Default Re: Replacing rear brake/taillight bulbs with LEDs - Don't try it

    The problem with later vehicles that have more electronics in them have circuits that notify you that either a globe has burnt out or gone open circuit. Thus if you need spotlights or other globes or fit other lights ie LED lights the problem is that the loading changes and circuitry picks up the anomaly and brings up fault lights. My Harley has this problem with LED indicators and dont flash. I now have to fit load resistors in parallel with them or they wont flash. You have to check current loading as to difference between normal globes and LEDS. Then fit apt resistors to balance loading. Then you wont have faults coming up.

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    Default Re: Replacing rear brake/taillight bulbs with LEDs - Don't try it

    ^^ This. The LEDs draw considerably less power than the conventional globes, hence the problem arises because the Management System considers it a fault. Parallel load resistor of suitable wattage and resistance will sort it out. Talk to Pieter at 4x4Direct.

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    Default Re: Replacing rear brake/taillight bulbs with LEDs - Don't try it

    A simplified possible solution.
    I changed 3/4 caravan's tail lights for friends and just added a normal globe in the circuit. All worked perfectly.
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    Default Re: Replacing rear brake/taillight bulbs with LEDs - Don't try it

    Londo thank you for reporting this issue.

    We are not aware of issues with the Cruiser 79. This issue has been reported on a Prado 120 before.
    We normally would post a warning if we receive a couple of complaints about the same issue like we did with the LED headlights and Ford Ranger.

    The Toyota mechanic's advice was half correct. It has to do with the current the lamp draws but in the case of a LED it is because it draws too little current not too much.
    So the vehicle's software thinks the lamp is blown.

    I measured two globes this morning just to make sure and the results on 12.5 Volts were:

    Park light: LED = 0.01 Amp and normal globe = 0.41 Amp
    Brake light: LED = 0.18 Amps and normal globe = 1.75 Amps.

    As for the review that was not working, I will definitely look into this. It is supposed to appear automatically, we do not approve or disapprove it. I did a software update over the long weekend and a couple of bugs were reported afterwards, maybe the review system is another one.
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    Thumbs up Re: Replacing rear brake/taillight bulbs with LEDs - Don't try it

    A good few years ago, I had a Murano, and when I coupled my trailer up, the indicators wouldn't work.
    I replaced the trailer lights with LED and problem solved?
    Computer sensed too much draw and shut of the " Faulty Circuit"
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