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    Default Re: Costs of owning a Toyota Landcruiser 105 4.5EFI

    Quote Originally Posted by Crosenvold View Post
    You're spot on in terms of the spirit of this post. This was not a post to complain about what I have been charged; rather it was meant to give a bit of transparency which I never found when I was looking for it. Others will likely save a bit of money by reading this before they go on their own first-time-owner adventure, which is great. For those who got a good laugh out of it, I guess that's a secondary benefit.

    Although I obvioulsy would have preferred to now tell each mechanic not to rebuild the knuckles every few months, I don't particularly regret what I spent. I bought a really well equipped and well-used car, which allowed me to immediately take off on adventures. I should note that I never had any mechanical issues on the road with it, so I don't think it was mis-maintained by previous owner (and 2nd mechanic), but I did have a zero-compromise approach to doing whatever preventative maintenance was recommended. Now it's quite well-restored and will hopefully continue to bring me good times for years to come.
    Enjoy the LC. Thats why you have it.
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    Default Re: Costs of owning a Toyota Landcruiser 105 4.5EFI


    i am also looking at spending quite a bit of money on mine, lot of the same stuff you already did, and happy to do so.

    knowing it is well restored/maintained is a great feeling and to me worth more than a new vehicle

    enjoy yours
    Barry Hall

    Land Cruiser 105

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