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    Default Costs of owning a Toyota Landcruiser 105 4.5EFI

    Long before going on my first 4x4 trip, I had been coming to this forum to read about the experiences of others’ vehicle ownership and 4x4 adventures. As I became increasingly enchanted by the idea of hopping in one’s own truck and exploring the wilderness, I began to wonder what the total cost of all of this is. I unfortunately never found an answer and want to use this post to hopefully give some idea to others who may be wondering.
    A few notes up front:

    • I am not mechanically inclined in any way, and have thus not done any work myself
    • I have prioritised keeping the car in great-to-perfect mechanical condition and therefore always taken it to highly recommended mechanics and performed any work they recommended
    • This is sharing bare-bones-and-all; I’m sure I’ve made many mistakes in my ownership, alas that is the cost of being a novice

    The Vehicle

    1999 Landcruiser 105 4.5 EFI that had one previous owner who had used it as a dedicated overlander and fitted it out very well with a rooftop tent, OME 2.5” lift suspension, bulbar, wheel-carrier, additional fuel tank, water tank, full drawer system in the rear incl. 60L brand new fridge & freezer + two-top gas cooker. Whilst heavily used, it had been maintained almost exclusively by a very well-regarded Cape Town mechanic and was in good working condition.
    I bought the above w. ~392k km on the clock for R190k and drove it home to Johannesburg.

    Maintenance Work

    1st Service after ~5k driven by me
    For its first service under my ownership, I took it to a well-known mechanic in Johannesburg. They performed a standard service and changed the bushes. This service cost R28,576. I was quite surprised by this cost as no major work was carried out.

    2nd Service after ~10k driven by me (5k incremental)

    I felt that I had overpaid at the previous service, so I decided to take the truck for work at the mechanic in Cape Town who had always serviced it. It cost me R6,479 to transport the truck on a flat bed. This service included some major work broken down into:

    • Standard service (incl. replaced bushes): R15,512
    • Replacement of ABS pump: R21,800
    • Replacement of rear shocks: R5,230
    • Some welding work on the body: R7,500
    • Total: R50,042 (+R6,479 for transport)

    3rd Service after ~17k driven by me (7k incremental)

    This was a major service with some big repairs and replacements broken down into:

    • Standard service (incl. a long list of minor parts): R14,590
    • New exhaust: R7,874
    • Propshaft: R10,560
    • Knuckles: R9,564
    • Diff: R33,117
    • Axles: R55,145
    • Bodywork (neighbour had dented it…): R21,919
    • Replacing rear airbags with springs: R8,341
    • Total: R161,110 (+R5,369 for transport)


    According to my fuel log, I have driven the vehicle 17k km and spent R46,382 on fuel, which averages out to 5.6 Km/L and R2.7 per Km driven.

    TLDR, Overview

    The odometer is on ~410k km, of which I have driven ~17k, and I have loved every minute of owning this machine and all the adventures it has brought me and my girlfriend. Spend to date has been:

    • Purchase: R190k
    • Maintenance: R240k
    • Transport to maintenance: R12k
    • Fuel: R46k
    • Total: R488k
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