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    Default What a great forum!

    Good day all,

    I have been browsing the forum on and off over the past week or so, and I think it's really great! (I have been part of another forum for many years, unrelated but really pleasantly surprised at all the info, advice and encouragement found here...)

    Just more than a year ago my wife and I traveled a bit through Botswana and Namibia. Though we love our 2013 Everest 4 x 2, there were a few moments I wished for a 4 x 4. I don't want to relive the Great Trek, but do some occasional off road exploring, call it soft off roading if you like.

    Apart from the Everest we have a (yes, flaming red! ) Ford Kuga AWD 2.0 petrol (sadly not the diesel) and this could be sufficient for our needs. Certainly I don't think it makes much sense to pay over half a mil for a 4 x 4 SUV large and comfortable enough for what we want, if we will only use its off road capabilities once a year. (The new Everest, Fortuner and Isuzu seem very impressive, even considered an old Prado, but not yet committed to the idea.)

    So browsing this forum gives me quite a bit of insight to similar situations, the good, bad and ugly of experiences and hopefully will allow me to make a much better informed decision soon, for our off road vehicle to be had (hopefully).

    Have an awesome weekend all, thank you for this forum and I am looking forward to learning more!

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    Default Re: What a great forum!

    Welcome Pointer. Now you can contribute too.


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