Hi everyone

We had recently decided we would like to take the camping thing a bit more seriously and we are considering a proper Boswa. We had a look at the conqueror commander which is awesome...but particularly heavy! (Tare 1380kg). I have the Everest 2.2 4x4 manual.

While the vehicle is rated to tow considerably more, I am a bit worried that the 2.2 might be a little underpowered for such a significant load (I am hoping I am wrong). I also know that something like the 3.2 will tow considerably better - I might consider upgrading at some point, but I would prefer not to.

Are there any out there that have experience with towing something like the commander with a 2.2 Everest? I am taking my FIL's penta out this weekend for a "test ride" which should hopefully give some indication, but would like if someone could comment with some more first hand experience.