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    Default Mikrotik wifi for Combi - Help needed

    I purchased this modem for the company bus so we can all connect to the wifi while travelling.
    It looks like a great option as it has 2 sim cards ( Roaming networks) and runs off the 12v on the bus.
    There is also integrated GPS tracking.
    It can be surface mounted in the vehicle.

    Problem is I can't set it up to read the sim
    I have connected the modem to the computer and tried to configure it under "Winbox"

    I have used the service provider settings in the APN and set the LTE connection. ( We use Orange here in Bots )

    I still cannot get any connection and the device says "sim not connected" the sim is inserted correctly.

    Please if anybody has a installation manual ( That makes sense ) or the knowledge of this device .... I NEED HELP !!!

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    Default Re: Mikrotik wifi for Combi - Help needed

    I have been working with different Mikrotik devices, but on all of them, the wireless interfaces are always shut down by default. Could be the same on this one for the SIM card interface.

    Check under the interfaces in Winbox and look for the SIM interface and see if it's shut down or not. If its grayed out, its down. There should be a little check mark up top to enable it.
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