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With these type of things I always wonder, where does the loot go and how much will get stolen in the process?

Bribe a couple of cops at the station where the evidence will be kept to make it disappear, they can spend less than 10% of the value of this shipment to give a few guys more money than what they'll earn in their entire police career.
If laptops, cellphones and guns can disappear then so can a couple bricks of coke.
It's not my line of business... just saying...

I heard that that quantity, around a 1000 kilos, is worth "about" R225 million... so a couple of bob to be made between the source and the street dealer...

I think there are better/easier/safer things to steal... pinching the honcho's drugs could be a pretty dangerous business... unless of course we try to figure out how three lots comes to 973 (and not 975)... again, just saying.