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    Default Re: Awning Side. Passenger or Driver?

    Quote Originally Posted by DCTheron View Post
    Attachment 602957Nope, right hand side because I access my fridge this side using the canopy side door, so when I jump out I don't have to walk all the way to the passenger side.

    I have never felt the need for an awning to be deployed for a quick stop next to the road. Security risk as well preventing a quick getaway.

    Awning can be deployed without legs, I add these to ensure no surprises with strong wind, which can potentially flip or damage it.
    Echo - same: never felt the need. My freezer is on the right thus Awning to the right. If it rains I stay dry....

    >>>Security risk as well preventing a quick getaway<<< Heads up for this VERY important point - never thought of this. Thanks.

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