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    Quote Originally Posted by ekkekan View Post
    Very interesting to see the variation in possible solutions.
    I have a IT'S heat pump for over 8 years and pleased to be able to heat water at 33 to 50% electricity used than a grid element. As the 4.7kw unit heating power uses about 1.2-1.5kW we have hot water 24/7. No change in lifestyle to use little hot water after sunset.
    As we bath late in the evening and need geyser to re-heat water for the morning pure solar geysers would not work for us.
    The mentioned heat pump is also priced at about R17 000. Also due to the low electricity use this unit can also run with sun power if a hybrid inverter with panels are used. This way heating during the day is close to free.
    Based on some comments the Sunsynk inverters seems to be a good choice from a value for money point.
    Hehehehe would love to get one of those but then have the "evaporator" side feed into air vents going into the home
    But then have a lever somewhere so you can change the direction so that instead of blowing in it blows out for winter

    Basically using the unit to both heat your water and cool your house because it is technically doing what a air con does when using it in winter
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