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    Default I want a Jimny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mate of mine bought a new J, nice blue colour with black roof, and let me have it for a couple hours to have a look at it. Manual, the fancy one with the lekker aircon/steering controls/big screen, etc etc

    What an amazing bloody 4x4 this is.

    ALL the comfort features one could possibly want, SUPER comfy and durable seats, space galore (as a 2 seater), everything just sort off falls in your hands if you get in and pull away.

    What impressed me the most..........its UNBELIEVABLY quiet at highway speeds.

    And then that suspension. WOW. I didn't know it had coils all around.

    4th and 5th is close, so it cruises happily at 110/120 in fifth.

    This not only looks like a mini GW, it drives like one, too. Solid, quiet, yet also has that "basicness" to it that I just LOVE. And it reminds me SO SO much of the SJ's I have driven years ago..............the 410's, the 413's and the 413 LWB's.

    And it feels WAY bigger inside than expected, nice broad bonnet, and more than ample space for 2.

    You can just feel that Suzuki 4x4 Heritage oozing out of this baby.........I can, anyways. Would LOVE to take one offroad.

    All this at the Price of a Polo TSi.

    I would buy one in a heartbeat.....................its been a VERY long time since a Car has impressed and excited me as much as the new Jimny.

    One of those Cars that you want to get into, arm out of the window, and just drive.

    Ek soek ook been!!!.................with roofrack, maybe the Olive Green or that Beige colour, I'd also maybe just put a bit more aggro tyres, maybe some storage drawer thingies at the back (chuck those rear seats), and off we go.

    I'm head over heels in love here.
    "Yes, I have a Bad Habit. I take Tea at Three".........Mick Jagger

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