I have used T4A with Basecamp and an old Garmin Nuvi 500 for many years.

However a few days ago I had a major PC failure and was forced to a totally new installation of Win 10 Pro.
Unfortunately the backups that I have on a removable hard drive do not seem to contain any Garmin or T4A data., nor on an older memory stick.
The Base Camp program is there but just that - no data etc.

My question:
Can I somehow get to my T4A (Last purchased) update etc. and reinstall onto the restored Basecamp program on the PC ?
I no longer have any account details or log on to T4A or Garmin - All gone.

Do I have to start from day one with a new installation altogether?
Since we are not doing long trips now due to different factors, that does not make economic sense for me, but I would like to recover the maps etc. that I had already bought if possible.

Where to from here?
Any advice will be appreciated.