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I had a 2016 HiLux 4x4 with dust entry problems purchased new from McCarthy in Pinetown.
This I think was one of the first batches of the GD6 mine was the 2,8 GD 4x4 Auto
This vehicle has many come backs one of them being dust ingression. After complaining bitterly for 20000km Toyota brought out a modification / and acknowledged a dust problem. The "dust kit" was duly ordered from Toyota SA with the factory rep being involved. I was given a loan vehicle and they kept the vehicle for 6 working days.
Everything and I mean every thing was stripped out of the cab, seats, door panels, hood lining, carpets and dashboard. The kit was installed.
Unfortunately that vehicle was never the same, but no dust ingression from then on out but plenty of other problems.
After the 40k service and all the hassles was done I drove the vehicle out of the workshop to their used AutoMark section and managed to sell it back to then. Took the hiding but had peace of mind

So I hope you get properly sorted out
Good luck
The 2016 Hilux was riddled with faults as it was one of the first variants , and really Toyota did a bad job not to call a campaign each and everytime such faults are reported , the issues were handled one by one for those who discovered them for others it was bad luck , and after the warranty was gone we were left to foot the bill.

Well now this dust issue needs to be gone... i advise all to push ur new cars to the limit. and report everything, never take no.