Karoo national park

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    Default Karoo national park

    Good afternoon.

    At the start of the year I bit the bullet and took a job in Beaufort west. The plan was that I come down and set up a house and the wife and kids join me at the end of march.............

    Corona much?


    We are finally here in full, crazy circus and with banners flying. Just in time for christmas.

    I drive a Subaru outback all wheel drive vehicle, effectively an SUV. Not a dedicated 4x4 vehicle to go bundu bashing, but quite capable of holding its own.

    The question is....
    We are planning a trip into the karoo national park the weekend. Just a quick day in and out.
    I would appreciate advice on where to go, what to see and things to avoid. We are all responsible outdoors people so things like not littering and not getting out of the car to feed the lions are obvious.

    What condition are the roads marked as 4x4 only in? Is it something that you need a rock crawler for, or that you can do with a golf mk1 that you dont feel sentimental about?

    And whay are the distances like. On the map it looks like you can drive through the park in an hour....... obviously not.

    I literally just want an "I have been there and we did this" comment.

    Then i also want ro know what other hidden gems there are around here. I want the kids to get to know the real world. Not stuck with their noses in a phone screen while the world passes outside the car window.


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    Default Re: Karoo national park


    Just go there (get there early) and enjoy the day in the park.
    Your vehicle will be fine for virtually all the drives.

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    Default Re: Karoo national park

    The main circle route you can easily do in a platkar, so the Outback should be more than capable. I did it in the Tiguan 4X2 I had at the time with zero issues.

    In the park near the offices there is a fossil park that shows the fossils that was found in the area.

    As you leave the camp area and go straight, you will first ascend the Klipspringer pass, which is now tarred. Gives you great views

    Great view point here: -32.26723405016836, 22.45785579669133
    There is a nice picnic spot with ablutions here: -32.27097946506347, 22.387071311215486 If you would like to stop of in the middle of nowhere for a break.

    As for the 4X4 routes, if I recall correctly, there was a sign that a minimum of 2 vehicles were required to drive them, but it was years ago - so could be mistaken.
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