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    Default Suzuki 85 issues

    This last week at kosi my motor played up. On day 3 when accelerating it started losing drive with a bang. Took the prop off and found a lot of line, removed it and she was good. Later that day I had no neutral and reverse was forward. On the way back to camp into a storm we were planing nicely when the boat stopped with a bang throwing us forward as if we hit something. After that I had no neutral or forward only reverse. Needless to say reversing into a strong South wester was hair raising, but we made it with some hectic bailing.
    The engine itself is perfect, it has to be the gearbox, any pointers?
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    Default Re: Suzuki 85 issues

    There is a pin in the gearbox that pushes the gears forward and backwards, the pin wears down and then it jumps between forward and reverse. I have two or 3 gearboxes that all had that problem. The engines are great, but it seems the gearboxes were the weak point on the 85. I couldn't find anyone locally to fix the gearbox and ended up mothballing the boat.
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