The West Coast trip & the shocks.......

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    Default The West Coast trip & the shocks.......

    I had my Discovery 1's shocks tested in January this year, the results were the fronts are at their lower allowable limit and the rears were "just" below their allowable limit. Did my my own testing by pushing down and decided they're OK.

    Started the trip by going the Upington, Springbok and then Hondeklipbaai route. Outside Springbok there is a right turn onto a gravel road to Hondeklipbaai, via the Messelpad Pass into the Namaqua National Park, through the Wildeperdehoek Pass. What a nice section. You pass a Historic Prison site, and to get there is walk a long way down, or go into diff lock low and first. Some good axle twisting and you get down to the river and the prison.

    After the prison site and the park exit, still on gravel, my wife commented on the nice soft wave motion the Discovery developed. I kept quiet, clinching my teeth and the steering wheel. She stopped enjoying the motion after the Disco did some wild galloping in a more shocks.

    Continued to Hondeklipbaai, then Garies, first bigger town was Vanrhynsdorp, but no shocks, on to Vredendal. a well known tyre/shock/battery/tow bar outlet offered to have the shocks the next morning at 08:00. On to Strandfontein to set up camp. Returned the next morning and the shocks were fitted. Back to Strandfontein, packed up the next morning. Less than 0,5 km outside Doornbaai on the gravel road the new right front shock shot the top nut and washer off. The "missile fortunately missed the flat section of the bonnet, hitting the stiffener section. Back to Strandfontein Camp, a quick and extremely controlled telephone conversation with the Vredendal supplier. The next morning they came to the campsite with a new front shock, replaced the damaged one. On closer inspection it was found that they stripped the top thread and nut of the shock; the nut was sticky so they used their air tool! The Discovery battery simultaneously decided it was time to go, so 4 new shocks and we were on our way again.

    We had to return to Vredendal to get a new battery. We got lost looking for the Spur. At a stop street I saw a notice, whacked the Disco into reverse and reversed into the pick-up of the shock supplier! No damage, the Disco's tow hook hit the bakkie's bull bar.

    Traveled 4680 km in 14 days, stayed at 10 different locations, average fuel consumption was 9,8 l/100km. Tdi was a delight, cruised effortlessly at speeds up to 120km/h, odo turned to 200 000 km on the trip.

    Lessons learned: if the professional shock test shows shock are "pap", replace them, and when shocks are replaced by someone else, check their work.
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    Where can I get my Pajero Sport's shocks tested professionally ?

    I have a full maintainance plan that cover shocks, but Rola Motor Groupe doesn't want to replace my shocks at 70 000km, because they don't see any oil leaking out of them. The shocks are really shot, and the handling of the vehicle is really not like 10 000 km ago and I'm not going to take my chances and drive like this.

    Something is wrong and I saw that oil was leaking from one of the shocks. Do you know where can I get them tested properly? I am from Somerset West and Hi-Q and Supa Quick dont test and tell me that it's up to me. If I feel that it's time to change it, then they do it. This will unfortunately not help me in this case and I need a test.

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    Swernoot, I had the same problem and asked a 4x4 fitment centre to remove them. No need for fancy equipment, they were just moving up and down. Perhaps agree to pay for the labour to have them removed and have the bushes etc serviced while they are at it. Good luck.

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