Greetings all,

Many of you are familiar with and use our Guide App for smartphones: Our Android app took place earlier this year, but unfortunately our developer for iOS had some "lockdown problems", and the update for iOS never took place. But the update is finally available and was loaded on the iStore this weekend. We recommend that you first uninstall the old version from your phone and then install the new app, and then restore your purchased maps - that will avoid any migration issues.

The iOS updated app now also includes the High Definition(HD) map as we have on Android. The free app will come bundled with a free base map, but users who own three or more guides will also be able to download the HD map for free. The Free version of the HD map will become visible after you restore your guides (if you have three or more). If you only purchase one guide, but would like the HD map with it, you can purchase the HD map for R199.