Did you own a Quest GPS at one stage??

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    Default Did you own a Quest GPS at one stage??

    Maybe this post is in the wrong section, but I hope it will receive more exposure here and somebody will have, lying around somewhere in the bottom of a cupboard, the item that I am looking for??

    If moderators desire, they must ma move it to the correct section?

    I am looking for a Quest 1 GPS 12V bracket for a vehicle.

    I need the bracket and cable to the cigarrette lighter plug which has the "talking lady" speaker on the plug. I do have one in the Pajero, but the wires are routed behind the dash and everytime I use the GPs in the Platkar, I have to take half the Pajero dash apart.

    I fortunately do have an extra suction cup with the ball mount, thus only the bracket & 12V speaker connection for the Quest 1.

    Perhaps your Quest was stolen, replaced or is just gone/broken - Let me take over your bracket & 12V cable, PLEASE!!

    Please send me a PM if you can help, else call: zero 8 two eight zero 2 99 six 7.


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    Cape Union Mart used to sell them and Avenic Trading , and you can try one of our members Johan Sevenster of GPS world. I am sure one of these people can put you in the right direction.
    Maybe even someone here might have a spare. But try the others in the meantime.

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    Only person I know who can and WILL help you without taking your arm & leg in the process is Kevin Bolton [find his ad in any offraod magazine]
    I had problem with my Quest suction cup permanent stuck to window - Cape Union Mart wanted R700.00 to replace - Kebvin replaced it FREE .. and told me it was a latent problem with the Garmin suction cups - if you wet it with spittle and it then sits in te sun too lang - it becomes glued on - result? A damaged suct cup when you take it off (to use in SWAMBO's car)
    Good luck - Hoop jy kom reg

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