Dunlop AT5 Balancing Issues

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    Default Dunlop AT5 Balancing Issues

    Good day,

    I recently fitted a set of 265/65r17 AT5 to my PS at a Dunlop franchise store. After fitting them and taking a long drive i had major vibrations. Since i was not close to the dealer i had it fitted by a had it re-balanced at another franchise store. They confirmed that the balancing was out.

    I drove off and the vehicle felt 95% better but after 2 days the vibrations started coming back. I booked the vehicle in at an independent suspension specialist thinking it could be something else. They tested the vehicle and re-balanced the tyres. Apparently the 2 front tyres were slightly out of round so they were moved to the back. The vehicle was now 98% perfect and liveable. They gave me a letter and said i should contact the Dunlop rep to swop out the tyres.

    Today the vehicle went in for testing at the Dunlop technical centre. They checked all the tyres and had them re-balanced on a 'roadforce' machine. 3 are apparently in spec and 1 was replaced. Two of the tyres have a fair amount of weights on them, I was told a max of 240g is acceptable.

    On my way home reaching 120km and up the vibration has returned in the steering and worse than before.

    Since this has all happened in less than a month and 3000km would i be in my right to request 4 new tyres or upgrade to the at3g?

    What concerns me is a small independent suspension workshop could sort out the vibration but a big franchise technical centre with the latest equipment could not.

    Kind Regards
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