Hi everyone,

Just as a first note, I have gone through just about every thread/video/article regarding suspensions options available on the market however I am still completely confused. There is also not a whole lot of recent threads on this issue.

Looking for some advice on changing the suspension on a 2011 Fortuner 4x4 D4D. The current stock suspension is feeling tired and I am busy adding quiet a bit of weight to the car (roof rack, fridge and storage system, awning, dual battery, front bumper..). The car will mainly be used for long camping trips where traveling will potentially be done over long dirt/gravel roads with fair amount of corrugation. I would say 50/50 on-road vs off road driving would be a good split to work with.

I have, for the most part, reduced the options to the following three:
  • Bilstein B8 5100's with Mikem springs
  • Old Man Emu nitrocharger sport 200kg constant weight kit (+25% cost over the Bilstein)
  • Fox 2.0 snap rings with eibach springs (+25% cost over the OME)

Just wanted some opinions on these choices with regards to; past and current experiences, performance, the cost differences between the options and if it is worth bumping up to the next option, or even any options that I may have completely missed (if you would like to confuse me even more). None of these choices are a small cost so I want to make sure I make the right choice the first time.

Any and all input is welcome. Thanks.