At the beginning of the year we booked an itinerary in December 2020 from Durban to KTP, via Golden Gate and Kalahari Monate Lodge and Twee Rivieren, with our final destination being Rooiputs campsite for 6 nights.

As the borders into Botswana are not yet open, it does not seem likely that we will be able to go to Rooiputs this year, and all the campsites in the SA rest camps are fully booked.

So I was thinking that we should change our plans slightly and, since we have never visited the Richtersveld before, that we make our final destination De Hoop campsite in the Richtersveld. Our final overnight stopover, before heading to De Hoop, would be the Kalahari Monate Lodge near Upington.

We are driving a 4x4 diesel Duster, towing a Jurgens Oryx off-road camper van.

Is this doable in our vehicle, time-wise and terrain-wise?