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    What I found A socket-outlet shall supply only one fixed appliance. The use of
    flexible cords of length exceeding 3 m is not recommended. The reason
    for this recommendation is an endeavour to ensure operation of the
    overcurrent protective device.
    fixed appliance
    appliance that is fastened or otherwise secured at a specific location, and
    that would require the use of tools to be moved to another location
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    Default Re: electricity question: extra connection after meter

    Thanks for all the advise. I do like the idea of a small solar install just to keep the battery charged.

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    Look also at 6.16.5 that specifically includes Gate Motors but take note of the unless portion of and consider
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    It is a plug circuit, so you have to use 2.5mm twin plus earth foil insutared wire. Mount it above the ground in conduit and fasten it to the wall or fence. At the gate terminate the wire in a weatherproof plug box, no more than 500mm from the gate motor. Use 3 core cabtie cable between the plug box and the motor.

    Next year you may want to put a security light there, then the circuit is there already...

    You have to have some way of totally isolating the motor when working on it, and nobody should be able to reconnect it without the person working on it knowing. All you do in this case is to unplug the gate motor's 3 pin plug.

    I have just had to do this to 3 gate motors and 2 garage door motors in order to get a COC a week ago for my house that I sold. The one gate is 100m from the DB. Irrespective how litte power the gate motor charger draws, the circuit remains a plug circuit.

    What I did was to install a smaller DB with an 32a isolator/earth leakage in every garage, cottage, building, Lapa on the property, chaining the one to the next via a 6mm twin plus earth surfex in conduit. I had a total of 9 DBs or sub-DBs on the property and the sparky was suitably impressed and it made it safe to do electrical work anywhere on the property. Some DBs were as small as 4 or 6 position DBs

    The reason I started doing it this way was so I could put in seperate prepaid meters into each cottage, and the rest just followed
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    I had similar issue with my house. Not so long distances but I had no space in the original DB. Solution was to put additional DB in to the feed line. It has only couple breakers but it is declared as the main board. It feeds the one inside "old DB". Labeling and isolations must comply. So the mini board must be possible to be cut off... So it can be done BUT solar solution is most probably better assuming the panels etc. are not stolen.
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