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    Quote Originally Posted by JS-V8 View Post
    I don't think he is worried about mileage at this stage, but rather wet weather handling.

    Unfortunately in comparative AT tyre testing the KO2's never finish in the top half of the field with wet weather handling and braking, so definitely not the best tyre if that is important criteria.
    Yes KO2`s are not the best on tarmac in wet conditions. I buy tyres to impress off road and that is just what the BF`s do. I spend several thousands of km per year on some of the worst dirt roads in the country. Still need to find a tyre that can match them in these conditions.

    Most of the mines here run BF`s on their vehicles after doing independent tests. Nothing can beat them regarding durability.

    But then I should have skip this thread like I do with most tyre threads,
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    It is not what you buy its what you build.

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