Michel's Pass/Katberg/Devil's Bellows

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    Default Michel's Pass/Katberg/Devil's Bellows

    Having spent the past long weekend in Hogsback, we decided to do a little round trip. We headed for Katberg Pass via Michel's Pass and Seymore, and then on to Devil's Bellows.

    The road has deteriorated quite a bit since the last time I was there a few years ago, but is still passable. Katberg still has some high steps to climb if you're going up, and Devil's Bellows now sports a nice deep donga that needs to be crossed.

    Unfortunately the camera always flattens things out and, looking at the video afterwards, I wondered what all the slow going was about. The pass is, however, rather steep in places. The last short section of the video in the trees is the donga on Devil's Bellows. From the camera angle it appears as though one can cross the donga a lot earlier than I did, but there are overhanging trees and I was not prepared to have the roof collide with a tree as the LHS wheels dropped into the donga.

    I would like to do the tip again sometime, but would opt rather to take the Mpofu game reserve/Dewaalskloof Pass next time.

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    Default Re: Michel's Pass/Katberg/Devil's Bellows

    Great video, I did the katberg a few months ago and was in low range more than I expected to comfortably get up the steps and throw the broken rocky. Beautiful when you get on top, really scenic.


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