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    Default Re: Can I Fix This Tyre?

    You got your answer from one thread above go to reputable tyre plce and get a professional opinion. No more said.

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    Just help me out here.

    I was under the impression that a burst tyre - or blow-out - harks back to the era of cross ply tyres with tubes in them.

    It is the tube which bursts, resulting in instant deflation, in turn resulting in the car veering in the direction of the burst tyre.

    With radial tubeless tyres you get leaks, e.g. a dodgy valve, thorn through the sidewall or stone cut.

    How exactly does the tyre burst?

    I've had sidewall puncture repairs done with a mushroom plug from the inside and used it - against the advice of the repair shop, as they really would like to sell me a new tyre - actively.

    What does happen, is with the longterm flex of the tyre, the part of the plug going through the sidewall can work loose, resulting in a slow leak. For this you have a TPMS.

    This leak however could get progressively faster over time untill it becomes a nuisance to inflate every second day. Then, "it are time" to replace.

    I am also asking this as recently, on the July Brekkie Run thread, the issue of vehicle snatch recovery with a tow ball came up, with the usual "the ball could snap off and kill you" responses.

    Nobody could actually recall any such event ever happening in South Africa. Australia, yes, due to their different towball attachment.

    So, only people to whom a tyre blow-out personally happened - or with evidence of such an event - shoot me down, please :-).

    I do agree, however, that if it is a tear or a bubble is visible - the plies have delaminated - the tyre should be converted into garden furniture.
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    Talking of blow outs, I have forgotten the correct name. But you can get a type of metal band that is fitted inside the rim Centre where the tyre meets the rim. During a flat or blow out the tyre pulls into the Centre of the rim causing the tyre to flop around and makes steering difficult to control. This inner band allows the tyre to be evenly distributed allowing steering and prevent rolling over etc. Perhaps someone could add more insight and give pros and cons.
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    Default Re: Can I Fix This Tyre?

    Had two similar issues on Coopers, rather replace.

    I won't take the chance
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