I lost my 2006 Pajero 3,2l automatic's gearbox just before lockdown. I was driving on the highway at about 100km, pulling a trailer. The gearbox suddenly decided to go awire and tried to jump to lower gears and back up and down until it broke itself. All in properly 2 seconds.
Now here is my problem. The gearbox and transfer case was first repaired and then replaced. The speed sensors was replaced and the wiring harness checked and connecters serviced. The computer was also replaced but the problem is persistently present. What we have seen is that the speed sensor measuring the km/h gives wrong readings. On the dino, we will measure 20 - 30km/h but the speedo will show 60 - 75km/h. Up to that speed both are in sync.

Did anyone have a problem like this before? Any ideas where to look for the problem?

Any advice will be appreciated!