Defender 2 -3 Pin Ignition Module

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    Default 2 -3 Pin Ignition Module

    I have just received an Allmakes 4 x 4 3 pin Ignition Module for my 1992 3.5 V8 Defender which has the 35DM8 Distributor fitted with a 2 pin Ignition Module.

    I don't want to fit it now but just want it in my spares box for "in Case" situation.

    The module came with a 2 pin conversion and I would like to make up the lead so long to save trying to do it in the bush. The part however came from China and are not too precise so I want to pick your brains.

    See attached Copy of instruction and refer to them.

    1. Diagram 1 shows a pair of pliers which I think refer to the cutting / removal of the old 2 pin lead and removing the old module.

    2. Diagram 2 shows the wiring of the new lead which is where I am a little confused. The plug shown is numbered 1 -2 - 3 but point 2,2 shows
    the + ve lead being connected to what looks the terminal 3 and the -ve lead being connected to terminal 1. However I read online somewhere
    that the terminal 2 i.e. middle terminal isn't used. Can anyone confirm if I use terminal 1 & 2 or 1 and 3.

    3. I have never removed an ignition module from a distributor so I am presuming that the other 2 pin plug (hidden in Diagram 3 - hump beside 3 pin
    plug) plugs into the distributor? Can be seen in 2nd image.

    4. Last question - there is a small quantity of grease supplied which I presume is some kind of heat shield (as used in computers under CPU.) and
    would be spread on the metal plate between module and distributor.

    Hope this all makes sense
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