Tornado whirly bird maintenance

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    Default Tornado whirly bird maintenance

    Good morning all. I have a few of these on my roof - since 2000. Did some maintenance in the past by releasing the central nut on top of the dome for greasing of the shaft. But have one now where the shaft spins at the same time and not enough friction to release the nut. On the side it has 3 screws with a little nib on top. Can one release these till point before the nib disappears and then remove the whole assembly (base plate intact) Searching as I may on the Net - just canít find info for the Tornado specifically. Donít want to fiddle around with the waterproofed base plate.

    Thank you very much in advance !!

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    Default Re: Tornado whirly bird maintenance

    Probably not applicable to your dry climate, but I would check the roof sheeting under this waterproof base. Removed mine the other day and there was a lot of rust on the sheeting between the roof and the Tornado. Does not matter because I replaced the whole roof anyway and did not re-install the Tornado.
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    I installed those Tornadoís in the western cape.

    If you want to remove the whirley but keep the baseplate in place, then you have to do either of the following:

    1. Remove the top nut in order to slide the head off. Those nuts sometimes dont want to budge. In which case you then have to :

    2. Drill out the pop rivets holding the throught to the base plate.

    Depending on the size whirley, there can be 4 to 7 rivets around the base.

    The rivets are located at the lowest part of the throught.

    What ever you do.... DONT loosen the set screws holding the two halves of the throught together. You will struggle like hell to get them back in place again.

    If you need to order more parts for them, then ring Lourens Hugo in the western cape. If he cant help you he should be able to direct you to the rep closest to you.
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