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    Default Netstar....

    I had three cars with Netstar units fitted. Top of the rNge nogal. I could go check on "Safe and Sound" where the vehicles are, what speed they are doing etc.

    And all was well.

    And then suddenly in February while driving my Ford Ranger I get a message. My Ranger is being jammed. Cannot be, I am driving it, no sir, the system says your Ranger is being jammed, ok, if you say so then do something about it. And nothing was done, but suddenly I am not being jammed anymore.

    And all was well again.

    In April, in the lockdown, I snuck out to pick up a bread making machine from a friend and bam, Netstar, your Ranger is being jammed. Cannot be, I am driving it as we speak..............then do something about it. And again nothing was done, but suddenly I was not jammed anymore.

    And all was well yet again.

    In May I drove the Ford again one day then, low and behold, Netstar, your Ford is being jammed. Again, cannot be, I am driving it............nothing was done, but suddenly I am not jammed anymore.

    I have now had enough. I phoned Outsurance and ask them if I really need a tracking system. Meneer, in your Range Rover Vogue SE you do NOT need one, it is a 2010 model and we dont even have it on our books anymore. Your Range Rover e-Vogue also does not need one as it is a 2013 model. Your Ford, however, does need one but only the entry level system.

    So I phone Netstar by mid to end May and tell them to cancel my big Vogue's subscription with effect immediately. I know the e-vogue is on a contract and it will only expire by mid 2021, so I ask for a settlement amount in order to cancel it immediately. Then I ask to hve the Ranger's system downgraded to the entry level and apparently it was done. The premium I am paying dropped from nearly R600 per month to R120 per month.

    And all was well.

    And then my wife dared drive her e-vogue in June. Netstar, your car is being jammed, cannot be, bla bla bla and I say yes please, I need assistence. I am still waiting for them.

    And then I dared drive the e-vogue in July. Netstar, your car is being jammed. Yes, I need urgent assistence. Still waiting for them.

    This morning I took the Ranger to Jhb. On my way back, on the highway while happily cruising I get the dreaded phone call. Netstar, your car is being jammed.

    I politely told them to in languages I cannot repeat here.

    I have spoken with customer care but they think I am a senile old man that knows buggerall who needs to be spoken to very slowly so that I can understand that their system is working perfectly.

    Ok I have now had my rant, I am not expecting any miracles to happen after posting this, I know I will have to phone them and sort it out with them.
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    Default Re: Netstar....

    I have also had my fair share of issues with Netstar.

    When my previous vehicle was written off I decided to cancel the contract with them and paid them out the settlement amount required and obtained all the proof of cancellation etc. Around two months after that I received payment demands and was handed off to a debit collection agency that called me at least once a week for almost 6 months straight demanding that I must pay up because I am have not been paying my monthly installments. Providing all the proof of cancellation and payment thereof did nothing either, basically just ignored them after sending all valid cancellation proof after the third time and they seem to have eventually given up.

    Safe to say that I won't ever do business with them again.

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    Default Re: Netstar....

    We also have Netstar and tend to get "jammed" in specific locations on odd occasions at the same places in three cars.

    i.e. pulling up to my MIL's garage, a specific point on Beyers near a bunch of car dealerships, at the Spar down the road etc

    I get very weary of who is around when this happens.
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    Default Re: Netstar....

    When ever I push my panic button, they send an sms 5 min later, to which they ask "if everything is okay, reply 1, if you need assistance, reply 2"

    I kid you not. If I don't reply, they usually call with in 10 min. They are USELESS. And trying to cancel a contract is even worse.

    I hope when I press my panic button one day, and the thief drives off with my car and cell, that he will at least reply 2 for assistance on my behalf.

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    Default Re: Netstar....

    Is there a tracking company that actually works? To me it seems all same, and they can only track your car within the country. I have crossed the border with different cars and not once did I get a call from a tracking company...
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    Default Re: Netstar....

    Also have the same issue in my vehicle. The other day on a hunt miles from anyone else I get the sms "possible remote jamming bla bla bla" sorry Netstar if your tech doesnt work rather dont bother

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    Default Re: Netstar....

    Took ours off and chucked it under the back seat. They have never asked why it stopped transmitting.
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    Thumbs up Re: Netstar....

    Many years ago, I bought a new Isuzu 300 and my then insurance insisted that I had Netstar fitted.
    Didn't bother about it,after all what can you do, it is just there!
    Then one day, at work, I get a call from Netstar, Good day sir, this is XXX from Netstar, acn you please tell us where your vehicle isI very nearly did, but then said, NO, why don't YOU tell me where it is.
    Well according to them, it was either in Polokwane, OR Randfontein! They seemed a bit nonplussed when I told them it was standing out side my workshop in Strijdom Park, and I suggested they come out and sort it out!
    I got rid of the car later the same year and never bothered with a tracking system again!
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