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I think it would be very difficult to compare the sales of the new Defender with that of the Grenadier. The new Defender has been refined/softened in such a manner that it would draw a large appeal from "urban" users as well, I think. Many people driving Discoveries, Prados, Pajeros, X5's etc. would probably consider the new Defender as a great alternative. With the old Defender, people bought it mainly because it was a hard-core offroader with a great heritage and iconic design (i.e. it did not really appeal to urban users wanting comfort and refinement).

The people buying the Grenadier would mainly just be offroad enthusiasts (i.e. ex Defender, Land Cruiser, Patrol and Wrangler owners).

I, for one, would love to own a Grenadier one day!!
Nah, why grenadier? An LC70 series will do the job just fine. Heck even a Prado TX really.