Custom leisure tech roof top add a room.

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    Default Custom leisure tech roof top add a room.

    I rcenently purchased this tent that came with an add a room. I would like to see peoples reviews of an add a room with a roof top.

    I how ever dont think I will be able to use it and will end up selling as I normally spend only a night before driving and my vehicle is a lot higher than the pajero sport that the tent came off.
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    Default Re: Custom leisure tech roof top add a room.

    It has it's pros and cons and very much to a specific persons liking. I once had such an extension to my RTT but never used it. Mostly when I used the RTT it was for one night stay overs so I didn't want to have the added effort of pitching something that I have to remove tomorrow morning in the cold. The only place where I see this to be practical is for people (mostly older) that can't dress etc inside the RTT and need some private space to access the vehicle and get dressed etc and perhaps for a Porta potti.
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    Default Re: Custom leisure tech roof top add a room.

    Add a room in our trailer rtt, magic. Will never camp any other way, add a room on our vehicle rtt, mmm not for me.

    Especially theses that you must unpack and zip/clip/velcro in place. Too much unnecessary work taking away from relaxing time.
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