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    Default Fridge For hilux 2.8

    Hello Everyone
    Has anyone ever fitted a fridge to their hilux for drinks? How did it go and where was it fitted? Please include pictures where possible
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    I have not ever bothered with this, but I am sure it is pretty straight forward. If you want to have the it permanently mounted with racks and drawers and things it is quite a big project.

    If you just want to stash it in the vehicle occasionally then you just need to get 12v to the load bin. Not sure if the Hilux has a power point there. If you plan on going way off the beaten track and don't want to kill the vehicle while it is parked for long periods with the fridge running, then you need to look at a second battery and isolater/dual charging system and possibly some sort of Solar power setup.

    More questions than answers really. I would just get the fridge/freezer and throw it in the bin and take it out when at a camp site/chalet. This seems to be the easiest option. If you want it for daily game drives and such, then it should be fine as the engine will be running most of the day. If that does not work, then start to look at the more complex options above.


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