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    Default Re: Sunday 5th July braai.

    Quote Originally Posted by Estee View Post
    How did the braai go guys?

    Estee, we had last "minute" cancellations so decided to retreat back to my house where we braai'ed together in the entertainment area at the back alongside the pool.
    Too cool for swimming (for us oldies, anyway) byt almost hot in the sun.
    We had a good day with a slow cook on the coals and several tafels around the table.
    Shu Shu warm pools came up for discussion and we decided it would be appropriate to follow up at some undefined time in the future.

    At least i got to pump the Isuzu tires, but did not get to deflate them. (Eish).

    Camera's were forgotten - but not that much to see anyway. (Heinz has also grown a bushy beard so ... Mmmm, kind of a hairy bunch)

    We ended up with only three of us - I guess folk are still quite wary of going back out there.

    Anyway the food, the beer and of course, the company was great, so a good time was had.

    Looking forward to the planned Ngonye (Ngonwe ?) trip conceived by Riaan and Marais - hopefully that will attract more interest ... and then the is the matter of Shu Shu.

    If I don't get "out there" soon I fear for my sanity.
    We just have to be very careful with SWAMBO.

    But outdoors and in few and distanced numbers .... should be safer than going to the shop in my humble opinion.

    Thanks for asking.
    Peter Hutchison
    Answering the call of the wild is just so much beter than answering the telephone.
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    Default Re: Sunday 5th July braai.

    Guys wish we were close by, I would have walked to Peters place.

    We got out to Dinokeng just the other day.
    Braai areas closed but people gathered any way.
    We had to keep the distance thing, then it all petered out.

    Wish we can go camping and do some real "veld ry"

    Enjoy KZN, we miss it.
    Danie & Marinda - die wiele is rond, dus moet hulle hardloop - afgetree nou leef ons net.
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