2006 Honda Transalp 650 buying advice

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    Default 2006 Honda Transalp 650 buying advice

    Good morning guys. I am considering buying a 2006 Honda Transalp 650 with 37000km on the clock. Service history unknown at this stage. Please advise on the following:

    1. Any problematic issues on these bikes that require expensive repairs/maintenance?
    2. How freely available are spares/replacement parts for these bikes taking into consideration that they are already 14 years old?

    Your advice would be appreciated.



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    Default Re: 2006 Honda Transalp 650 buying advice

    I have a 2006 model. Bought in 2009 with 23K on the clock and now has 75K on. Parts are generally not a problem. Honda can get most of the parts. Bikes are extremely reliable. Only downside is the fuel use. Rarely see more than 16km/L. Check for wear on the output shaft. If chain is to tight the sprocket wears the splines. Expensive to repair. Fuel gauge should only be used as a estimate of what might be in the tank. Notorious for being inaccurate. These motors are under stressed so last very long if well maintained. Many owners have seen over 100K with only regular servicing. An extremely comfortable tourer.

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